About Us

The Computer Science and Engineering department currently serves around 450 undergraduate students and around 120 graduate students, with 22 active faculty members. The department offers degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Computer Information Systems, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

At the University of South Carolina, an undergraduate degree in computing provides an excellent starting place for a career field in which substantial growth is predicted. Computing professions draw on a wide variety of talents and interests. For example, scientific computing professionals need a strong background in mathematics, while those working in areas such as user interfaces need a strong background in social sciences and communication.

At South Carolina you can combine a major in computing with a major or minor in another discipline to increase your marketability. These degree options allow you to combine the study of computing with intensive study in another area. For example, a combination of biology and computing provides an excellent background for bioinformatics or medicine.

Undergraduate Programs

We offer three majors in computing: computer engineering, computer information systems, and computer science. Students in all three majors take a common core of computer science courses as well as additional courses in supporting areas.

To learn more visit our prospective undergraduate students page.

College Tours

The College of Engineering and Computing, as well as the University, both offer tours. You can sign up for a tour at the tour registration page.

Honors College

Students with exceptional academic records will be interested in the University's Honors College.